meet  your photographer

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by. My name is Jaleesa (pronounced jah-Lisa) and I'm the face behind the Jaleesa Matteazzi brand! The first thing you need to know about me is that I am a joy seeker - and that’s what lead me here.

Formerly an ER nurse, now a photographer. I graduated from Nursing school thinking I had everything I wanted- but once I had my son I quickly realized nursing didn’t fill me up in a way I thought it would. One of my best friends, Kristina, who is also a photographer, gave me her old camera and told me to take pictures of my son. I quickly fell in love with the art, and become completely enthralled with capturing moments.

At my first solo shoot, I was so lost in the moment that when we were done I looked around and had completely forgotten the rest of the world existed. I recall the drive home, tapping my fingers on my steering wheel, and squealing on the phone over the shots I just got, quickly scurrying home to then stay up for countless hours editing with a happy heart, excited mind, and full “cup”. To this day those feelings haven’t faded, and this is why I am chasing this dream of documenting your special moments.