meet  your photographer


If we were in person having this chat right now, I’d most likely have a coffee in hand, a snack near by, and I would definitely be wearing ripped jeans. I also probably just got off a FaceTime call with one of my girlfriends, giggling about the joys of motherhood & life.

I love to explore with my son, Atticus, who is the sweet little red head above. Together we love to travel to new places, hiking, exploring, trying new foods, hanging with our friends, and of course taking photos. As much as we love to be outside, we equally enjoy our home days, snuggled up at home, cooking new recipes, watching movies and building forts. Making memories with him has been my greatest joy.

Prior to motherhood & photography, I was an ER nurse. I worked 12-16 hour shifts, 4-6 days a week. I studied so long and hard for this job, but with each passing set, I realized how jaded, drained, and unsettled I was. My life was lacking something I didn’t know I needed. I had never been creative in the past, but had this outstanding desire to want more - to want to control my schedule, to want to be outside, to be surrounded by happy people, experiencing life in the way I had imagined it. Once my son was born, It was more than obvious to me I could never return to the ER full time. I picked up a camera for the first time in 2017, and have been lucky enough to be doing this full time ever since.

I remember being at my first solo shoot, I was so lost in the moment that when we were done I looked around and had completely forgotten the rest of the world existed. I recall the drive home, tapping my fingers on my steering wheel, and squealing on the phone over the shots I just got, quickly scurrying home to then stay up for countless hours editing with a happy heart, excited mind, and full “cup”. To this day those feelings haven’t faded, and this is why I am chasing this dream of documenting your special moments.